Ubbi Pail on Daily Mom

Apart from being the prettiest diaper pail you ever did see, the Ubbi diaper pail is a seriously incredible pail.  Made from powder coated steel (read: not a plastic pail that absorbs & holds onto bad smells), and with rubber seals to lock odors in, you’ll say goodbye to diaper pail stink forever. We put this pail to the test with someserious stink, and it stood up to the task with ease.  It even has a child lock for those curious little hands that always seem to want to follow the mess.

Beyond the stunning color choices and stink-prevention capacity, this pail is also a money-saver.  How?  You can use any kind of bag with it! Load the Ubbi up with a kitchen trash bag and call it a day. Ubbi also sells their own plastic liner bags as well cloth diaper pail liners that make laundry a breeze.  You can simply load the pail with their 7-gallon, PVC-free, waterproof liner bags, and fill it until laundry day. Once it’s time to empty the pail, pull the drawstring tight and cinch.  Loosen the tie when you’re ready to do the laundry, toss the diapers and the bag in the washing machine, and run your normal cloth diaper wash cycle.