Ubbi Pail: MomTrends Must-Haves 2015 May 22 2015

If it’s possible to win a diaper pail beauty contest, Ubbi would take the cake. With a sleek powder-coated steel available in 12 nursery-matching colors, Ubbi is pretty – for something that will hold your little one’s multiple daily “deposits”. Best of all, Ubbi is more than a pretty face. It’s not hands-free, but this pail has a slide-open lid which cuts down on the diaper aroma cloud that can occur with others where the whole lid pops opens. Parents will also love the childproof lock, that it’s suitable for cloth diapers, and that you can use any kind of trash bag to line the bin. (If you do choose to use Ubbi’s liners, you do get the added benefit of them being biodegradable.)