Ubbi Pail on Little Lovelies

These ‘can of steel’ pails are 100% stink-free. Amazing huh? The pail is made out of powder-coated steel to lock in the smell and lock it out of the room. Another plus to this pail is that you don’t have to buy special bags! We just use our kitchen size trash bags, and they work great! I only have to take the diaper trash out once a week, if that! It’s amazing how the smell is locked away. My mind is made up and I really love it!
The colors are amazing and the design is spot on. I chose a neutral color for Lennyn’s nursery, but it comes in an array of colors from turquoise to gray to pink to red. I can’t recommend this diaper pail enough, we have now thrown our other one out! Ubbi World, for the win! I mean, even Ellen loved the Ubbi Pail, so you will too.