Ubbi Diaper Caddy and Wipes Dispenser on Sophistishe September 16 2015

Knowing that we’d have limited space for baby gear, we were extra conscious of what we brought into our home and how we used our space. Since we hadn’t gotten much use out of our pack and play with the boys, we decided not to use one for baby Akilah. That saved us a ton of space in our tiny living room, but not using a pack and play presented us with the task of how we’d organize diapering supplies for changes downstairs. We decided that a caddy would be the answer to our first floor diapering needs. The folks at Ubbi sent us their Diaper Caddy and Wipes Dispenser and we found that they fit into our lifestyle perfectly. The Ubbi Diaper Caddy holds an average of 8 disposable diapers or training pants; around 12 if you squish them in. The caddy’s wipes compartment can store most disposable wipes containers, but if you’re feeling fancy you can pick up the matching Wipes Dispenser which when used together provides a window to check the quantity of wipes remaining. The dispenser is also compatible with cloth wipes.