Snack Tweat on GG & Mommy

I received this ubbi tweat snack holder in one of my citrus lane boxes a few months ago. Oh my gosh I absolutely love this snack holder. I take it with GG and I everywhere. I put her yogurt melts (the container holds an entire bag of gerber yogurt melts), her goldfish crackers and some happy baby puff snacks. GG also loves carrying this snack holder all around the house. She still has not quite gotten the hang of pulling the snacks out of it yet. She is about to be a year old so that should be happening any day now. The 20 month old i babysit during the week though is a pro at pulling the snacks out to eat. He also loves carrying this container around the house. Its the first thing he goes to when he arrives at my house. The available colors are orange, pink, and blue. The rubber seal can be removed for cleaning purposes and for older children that do not need it anymore. I love how the 20 month old can tip the container over and nothing falls out. I think the cutest thing about this container is that it is shaped like an animal. Ive seen a lot of snack containers similar to this one and this one has always been the cutest. It looks similar to a toy so that could be why kids are drawn to it