Snack Tweat on Emily Reviews April 02 2015

The Ubbi World Tweat Snack Container is available in three gorgeous vibrant colors: Pink, Blue, and Orange, and has solved my on-the-go snack time parenting woes.  These adorable snack containers offer a hint of charm with their eyes and beak on the flip-open cover.  Under the attached lid is a soft spill guard to help minimize the mess.  Not only do kids love reaching in for their snacks, the guard is completely flexible and easy on their hands. Designed with a wide base and low profile, the Tweat Snack Container is sturdy and has a slightly rounded bottom so it “wobbles” instead of tip.  Integrated into the rim are built-in handles which provide a great place for children to hold and grip the container.  Ubbi World also makes sure that their Tweat Snack Containers are safe for our littles ones by ensuring they are PVC free, BPA free, and phthalate free.