Ubbi diaper pail featured in Today Show's "21 adorable gender-neutral finds for your baby's nursery"
"As far as diaper pails go, it doesn't get more sleek and futuristic than this design from Ubbi — which comes in a variety of candy colors as well. (We love the simplicity and versatility of the white version.)"
Squeeze toys featured in Mini Magazine!
"Your bath tub might be overflowing with toys, but cleaning them is another story. 'I love that these twist open and closed to prevent mold, and you can throw them in the dishwasher!'"
Changing Mat Bag on Project Nursery!
"Ubbi made this product to complement our on-the-go lifestyles. They know you won’t always be able to find a changing table, so their changing pad is more substantial than you might find in your diaper bag—think yoga mat material. It’ll...
Blanket Buddy featured on Well Rounded New York's City Baby Registry Picks
"Parenting in the city is its own kind of adventure. From navigating tight hallways, subway stations and fifth-floor walk-ups, parents in the concrete jungle need baby gear that is as adaptable as possible. We’ve rounded up our top picks for...
Blanket buddy featured on Project Nursery's Top 17 of 2017
"We’ve been cuddling up with the Ubbi Blanket Buddies since the day they launched. Each duo-pack of muslin blankets adorably transform to become a snuggly stuffed animal that makes a comfortable on-the-go lifestyle possible. Keeping public floor germs off of...