ubbi diaper pail totally unexpected but amazingly useful gift according Business Insider

A diaper pail that doesn't absorb odors

Ubbi gray diaper pail featured in Business Insider

"We've used four diaper pails in our half decade of parenting to date. The first three met the unceremonious fate of being tossed wholesale into the dumpster, their final payload not even removed, as their ever-present odor grew overwhelming and their over-complicated function exasperating.

While hardly thrilling, a great diaper pail makes a great gift because it will be used multiple times a day and can make the diapering process cleaners, faster, and less pungent. And the Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail is a great one. First, it's made of steel, so it doesn't absorb odors. Second, it uses regular kitchen trash bags, so you don't have to buy specially made insert bags. (Regular trash bags tend to be stronger and hold the smell in better, too.) And finally, its wide mouth accepts even the largest loaded diapers without pushing and prodding required, and that's just welcome."

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