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What makes the Ubbi diaper pail better at controlling odor than the other diaper disposal systems?
The Ubbi diaper pail is the original can of steel. Steel is an odor blocking material, as opposed to plastic which quickly absorbs the smell due to the porous nature of the material. As an additional barrier against odor, the pail is equipped with rubber seals around the rim and sliding lid, making the pail completely airtight. During the design phase of creating our pail, we tested the Ubbi diaper pail with both dirty diapers and smoke to make sure it was airtight - nothing escaped!

Does the Ubbi diaper pail require special refills?
No! In addition to the odor blocking steel, the Ubbi diaper pail is convenient and provides both time and cost savings since it can be used with any tall (13-gallon) kitchen garbage bag. No need for expensive, hard-to-find, proprietary refills! For additional convenience, we do sell our own branded Ubbi plastic and cloth liner bags, as well.

Can I use the Ubbi diaper pail to cloth diaper, as well?
The Ubbi diaper pail was designed for disposable diapers, but it can also be used to cloth diaper when used in tandem with a liner. However, to prevent a buildup of condensation, we recommend leaving the sliding lid slightly ajar to create airflow because you don’t want the wet cloth diapers to be locked in an airtight pail. Since cloth diapers are not as smelly as disposable, leaving the lid slightly open shouldn’t create a smell issue and it will prevent potential condensation, mold and maybe even rust.

What should I use to clean the Ubbi diaper pail?
Nothing – not even water! The Ubbi diaper pail is practically maintenance free which makes it the easiest diaper pail on the market to load, use, empty, and clean. The pail should only be wiped with a dry cloth. Any liquid, including Lysol, bleach, or harsh abrasives, even water, can potentially create condensation that could eventually develop into mold and rust. Since the pail is totally airtight, liquid is to be completely avoided.

Can I dissemble my pail to clean it?
Do not dissemble any part of your Ubbi diaper pail. The parts are all factory assembled and cannot be manually reassembled. Dissembling your diaper pail will put it out of warranty

What if I notice an odor with the Ubbi diaper pail?
Unfortunately, given the nature of its content, the Ubbi diaper pail – or any other diaper pail or trash can for that matter – will smell when opened, or on the inside. The difference with the Ubbi diaper pail is that it doesn't smell when closed as opposed to plastic pails. Plastic acts like a sponge and absorbs the smell which then transpires through the pores and dissipates into the baby’s nursery, without even being opened. The Ubbi pail, however, will keep those odors locked inside the pail.

Do you have any tips and tricks for the smell inside the Ubbi diaper pail?
To ensure your diaper pail smells as little as possible when it’s open, we recommend changing the bag twice a week. Given that you don’t need to buy special refills for the pail, you can afford to change the bag more often. Additionally, make sure to tightly roll your soiled diapers and consider wrapping up each one in a lavender scented diaper sack to mask the smell when you open the pail. Be on the lookout as well for the Ubbi odor-absorbing gel that will be available in mid-February. Ubbi also offers a lavender-scented Odor Absorbing Gel that can be placed at the bottom of your diaper pail to reduce the smell when the pail is open.

Does the Ubbi diaper pail have any childproof features?
Yes! The Ubbi diaper pail has a safety childproof lock that helps keep small children from opening the sliding lid.

Why should I buy an Ubbi diaper pail instead of other diaper pails on the market?
Every aspect of the Ubbi diaper pail has been thoughtfully designed to bring convenience, simplicity and style. From the odor-blocking steel, no special bags required, innovative sliding lid, child safety lock and a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, the Ubbi diaper pail provides a modern and convenient solution for today’s parents – all of the style and none of the smell.

Is there a color to match my nursery décor?
Of course! At Ubbi, we promise to provide all of the style and none of the smell. In addition to a wide variety of colors and patterns to match your nursery, every year we debut a special limited-edition collection of the most up to date nursery trends. Check out this year’s edition: the wood grain Ubbi diaper pail!

How complicated is it to use the Ubbi diaper pail?
It's ready to use right out of the box, no assembly required. Just load a bag and close the top lid. Ubbi doesn't require any filter, battery, cartridge, or special bag - any standard tall kitchen trash bag fits in.

Why does the Ubbi diaper pail have an oval shape?
The Ubbi diaper pail's smooth oval shaped design adds subtle lines, while providing simplicity and allowing it to fit into tight spaces. Ubbi is highly streamlined, inspired by the clean aesthetics of nurseries.

How many diapers does the Ubbi diaper pail hold?
The Ubbi diaper pail holds approximately 55 newborn diapers, 50 size-1 diapers, 41 size-2 diapers, 38 size-3 diapers, 31 size-4 diapers, 23 size-5 diapers and 20 pull-ups diapers.

Can the Ubbi diaper pail be used to store "pull-up" pants or reusable diapers?
The Ubbi diaper pail is designed to hold from the smallest newborn diapers all the way to the toddler’s "Pull-up" diaper size. The Ubbi diaper pail can also be used with baby’s reusable cloth diapers.

When is it time to empty the bag of the Ubbi diaper pail?
You will know it is time to change the bag of the Ubbi diaper pail once you can no longer comfortably place more diapers into it. Filling the bag beyond capacity will make the bag difficult to remove. To prevent too much of the smell from accumulating inside the pail, we recommend changing the bag at least twice a week. Given that you don’t need to buy special refills for the pail, you can afford to change the bag more often.

What are the Ubbi diaper pail measurements?
23"(H) x 15"(D) x 10.75"(W)
58cm (H) x 38cm (D) x 27cm (W)

Can the Ubbi diaper pail be used with adult diapers?
There is a high demand for us to adapt our current pail to the adult market, and it is something we have considered and talked about in great length. However, the hole in which the diapers are disposed of is just big enough to fit one tightly rolled up of the largest baby’s pull up diaper or baby’s reusable cloth diapers. We created this opening size specifically to minimize the air disruption when quickly dropping in a diaper. Given that adult diapers are quite a bit bigger, it would require a larger opening, which necessitates the geometry of the pail to be completely reengineered. For this reason, we have decided not to pursue that market for now and focus on what we know best: the juvenile market.

What is the warranty on the Ubbi diaper pail?
Ubbi has a 3-year promised warranty for a replacement due to a manufacturer defect. Rest assured that we have conducted thorough research on the market and our policy far surpasses our competitors. We are happy to assist any customer in need of a replacement at service@ubbiworld.com.

What should I do if I’m experiencing issues with the Ubbi diaper pail?
We want to ensure you have a great experience with our diaper pail, and our company. At your earliest convenience, please feel free to email a member of our customer service team at service@ubbiworld.com, or call our Brooklyn HQ at (718)-422-0592 Monday through Friday, 9:30 am – 6:00 pm EST. Due to Post-Covid, the Ubbi team is working remotely from home on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Though you can still reach us by phone, email is the best way to contact us right now.

+bath toys

How do I clean my bath toys?
To prevent bath toys from accumulating mold, we’ve created an array of colorful bath toys that twist open and close and can be cleaned on the top rack of a household dishwasher, making them mold resistant. When you don’t wash them in the dishwasher, to prevent mold from developing, make sure to open them and let them dry out after each use.

+tweat snack container

How do I clean my Ubbi Snack Tweat Container?
For convenience and simplicity, the Ubbi snack tweat container can be cleaned on the top-rack of a household dishwasher. Otherwise, it can be handwashed with warm water and dish soap.

Is the the Ubbi tweat snack container temperature sensitive?
Yes! Please do not place the Ubbi tweat snack container in the microwave or the freezer. We do not recommend using very hot or frozen foods in the tweat, either.

What should I do if the rubber guard of the Ubbi tweat snack container is too stiff for my child?
The rubber guard is flexible and becomes softer overtime. You can accelerate the process for your child by putting your own hand in and out of the guard several times to soften it up for little hands!


+odor absorbing gel

Is the Ubbi odor absorbing gel safe?
The Ubbi odor absorbing gel has been fully tested by UL and is compliant with the regulations. The material safety data sheet (MSDS) can be accessed here. Ingredients included in the odor absorbing gel are 3,5,5-trimethylhexyl acetate, eucalyptol, linalyl acetate, limonene, kappa-carrageenan. Please navigate here to view the full ingredient list. If you would like visibility into the EU Cosmetic Regulations, refer here. For more information or to obtain a test report, contact service@ubbiworld.com


I love Ubbi! What other products do you carry?
We are excited to offer a variety of products in different categories to bring the same level of ingenuity, convenience and modern design that parents have come to expect from Ubbi branded products. Recently, we have just launched additional mold-resistant, dishwasher safe bath toys to our growing collection! However, feel free to check out more information about our toilet training, nursery, feeding, on-the-go, and additional items in our bath and diapering collections on www.ubbiworld.com


How long does shipping take?

Ubbi products are not eligible for express or expedited services.

Note that due to the global chain supply and port congestion issues, our orders might take longer than usual to ship out from our warehouse in Los Angeles. We are doing our best to ship within our regular 5-7 business days window, but it might take up to 14 business days for your order to arrive via FedEx. Kindly take this potential delay into account when placing your order and accept our most sincere apologies for this unusual situation.

Where can I order my Ubbi products to?
Ubbi products cannot be shipped to APO or FPO addresses. Ubbi products are not eligible for international shipping and can only be shipped in the contiguous US.