Office Assistant - Part Time

Looking for a Part-Time Office Assistant to help primarily with organizing and maintaining the office. We do a lot of product design and with this are many samples and prototypes which need to be categorized and stored. In addition, there is often a need for assistance in making prototypes and product samples. Job duties would also include keeping the design area and conference table organized. There could be also be opportunities to assist with product design.

This would be an ideal job for someone who is currently in college and needing a flexible part-time job. We are looking for someone for 15-20 hours per week on a fairly regular schedule with 4 to 8 hour blocks during regular working hours of 9:30 am to 6:00 pm. The job can be 2 days a week to 5 days a week depending on your schedule.   There would also be flexibility to change schedule as needed to fit your school schedule (i.e. finals week, holidays etc.)

Job Tasks:

  • Collecting, sorting, recording and storing product samples
  • Organizing and maintaining the design and prototype area of the office
  • Running errands as needed
  • Assisting designers in the making of samples and prototypes


  • Strong organizational skills
  • Basic knowledge of MS Excel and MS Work
  • Arts and crafts skills a plus
  • Photoshop and illustrator proficiency a plus

The hired candidate can expect to work independently and in a team. Must have a willingness to do any job, no matter how menial it may seem and an ability to change course as needed. We need a self starter with a high degree of work ethics and motivation. 

Pay: $12-15/hr

Location: DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY

About the Company:

Young and dynamic company who creates unique quality products in the baby/children industry. From concept and design to production and customer service, our diverse team works together every step of the way. We consider everything from maintaining a clean aesthetic to ease of use and value. We appreciate the input of every member of our team but most importantly, our clients. 

How to Apply:

Interested candidates need to send their resume to